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Cosmetic eyelid surgery (aka double fold surgery) is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure among Asians. We regularly perform hundreds of these procedures every year.

“The Eyes are the window to your soul” – William Shakespeare.

There are two distinct types of Asian eyelid surgery:

  • Double eyelid surgery: Cosmetic procedure to create or to reshape the double fold
  • Eye lift surgery: Cosmetic procedure to make one’s eyes appear younger

This section is dedicated to the double eyelid surgery procedure.

asian double eyelid surgery 02

Why Asian Eyelid Surgery (double eyelid surgery)?
Asians’ eyes are often described as being small and “slit-like” and this causes an Asian eye to appear:

  • Small
  • Indistinct
  • Masculine
  • Unattractive

The presence of double eyelids can make the Asian eye appear larger, more feminine and ultimately, more attractive.

These are the reasons why Asian Eyelid Surgery (aka double eyelid surgery) is popular among Asians.

asian double eyelid surgery 10

What is Asian Double eyelid surgery?
It is a procedure that can create a double fold (If you don’t have a double fold i.e. monolid) or that can reshape the shape of double fold if you already have one.

What are the popular double eyelid shapes that can be created?

There are generally speaking 4 types of double eyelids that can be created surgically.

four types of double eyelid

  • In-fold type of eyelid
  • On-fold type of eyelid
  • Parallel-fold type of eyelid
  • Eurasian-fold type of eyelid
  • +/- Mongolian fold
  • +/- ptosis

What are the different types of double eyelid surgeries?

There is more than one way in producing cosmetically satisfying double eyelids.

  • Non-surgical technique – Stitch Double Eyelid Plasty (aka Durable Suture Technique, non-surgical double eyelid procedure, stitch technique, buried suture technique)
  • Partial incision double eyelid surgery
  • Full incision double eyelid surgery
  • Big eye surgery (to correct droopy eyelid or levator ptosis)
  • Mongolian fold surgery (Epicanthoplasty)

What technique is right for me?

This depends entirely on your current double fold shape and what shape you would like for us to create.

We can customise the eyelid surgery so that any one of these eyelids can be reshaped to another. The most common procedure is to reshape the “mono-lid” to an “on-fold type of double eyelid”, and for an “on-fold type of double eyelid” to a “parallel type of double eyelid”.

The best option is for you to come in for a consultation so that we can assess your eyes and have you tell us your desired eyelid shape. Then we can discuss with you what the most appropriate technique will be to achieve best results for your desired eye shape.

Let me illustrate this with some examples:

asian double eyelid surgery 30

This young nurse had a “mono-lid” that was reshaped to an “IN-fold type double eyelid”.

asian double eyelid surgery 22

This young nurse had a “mono-lid” that was reshaped to an “ON-fold type double eyelid”.

asian double eyelid surgery 10

This young nurse had a “In-fold” that was reshaped to an “PARALLEL-fold type double eyelid”.

asian upper eyelid surgery half image10

This woman nurse had a “parallel type fold” that was reshaped to an “EURASIAN-fold type double eyelid”.

Why us?
1. Expertise – Dr. Peter Kim is well known and well regarded in this field. Read more
2. Experience – We regularly perform hundreds of eyelid surgeries each year with the total of over 1500 cases.
3. Quality – We have been specifically accredited for Cosmetic Surgical Clinic, NS100-10, and our quality assurance has been independently validated. Read more
4. Affordable – We have developed a system that is effective and efficient and have managed to match the Korean prices in Australia.

What does a typical procedure involve?
Each procedure has its own unique techniques and procedural algorithms, but generally speaking, an Asian double eyelid surgery involves:

  • Designing – This is where the skin is marked to accurately outline the surgical plan.
  • Sedation – We regularly use twilight sedation. This is where sleeping medications are injected intravenously to help relieve anxiety and allow for a more comfortable experience.
  • Local anaesthetic injection – Numbing medication is injected into the surgical area so that you don’t feel any pain from the surgery.
  • Surgery – Surgery is performed to produce the desired cosmetic outcome.

Source: Channel 10 – The Project TV. Describing the usual double eyelid surgery cases.

What is the usual recovery?
This is the photo of usual recovery.

upper eyelid progress

Upper eyelid surgery progress. There are individual variations. Usually, we do ask you to take 2 weeks off work. But in some cases, the swelling lasts significantly longer – up to 3 months.

Where is the procedure performed ?
This entirely depends on your personal preference.

  • If the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, then the surgery is performed in our clinic. Our clinic has been accredited to perform surgical procedures under local anaesthesia and light sedation. We have passed the high standards of NS10010 Cosmetic Surgical Clinic accreditation to ensure that you receive the quality service that you deserve.
  • If you would like to have the procedure under general anesthesia then it will be performed in Surry Hill Day Hospital ( accredited theater, ACHS licensed for General anaesthesia, there is an extra charge for hospital fee and anaesthetist fee).
  • You do have a choice in choosing the location of the surgery. This is usually discussed at the time of clinical consultation.

What are the risks?
There are two types of risks.

1. Risk related to any surgery. These are scarring, infection, prolonged bruising, and swelling and suture granuloma.

2. Risk specific to double eyelid surgery. These include the fold height being higher or lower than expected, fold becoming undone, noticeable asymmetry, prolonged recovery. However, these risks are minor and are generally well accepted by the patients.

What is the commonest complaint following a double eyelid surgery?
1. Swelling – it takes full 3 months for the swelling to settle. Most people are happy to return to work after 2 weeks after a surgical procedure and after 1 week after a Stitch procedure.

2. Asymmetry – right eye and left eye swells differently after the surgery. For this reason, one eye will always be more swollen than the other and hence just about everyone will have asymmetry straight after the surgery. This will improve over the next few weeks.

I am worried about scarring?
An unsightly scar following a double eyelid surgery is not common. However, it is also true that all surgical incisions will leave a scar. Scars are usually hidden in the fold so it will not be visible normally but it may be visible when you close your eyes.

upper bleph scar

After some weeks, most scars do heal well. Any residual scar does appear as a natural skin fold and this can be easily disguised. Furthermore, they can be treated!

Choosing to enhance your appearance with cosmetic surgery is a big decision, and if you choose the right doctor and the right practice, it can be one you’ll be very glad you made. We specialise in Asian Cosmetic Surgery. For more information, please contact us.

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